Link Building

Link Building Service

Link Building Service

For years, we have been involved in launching link building and link earning campaigns for companies and individuals who want to increase the visibility of their website and climb the ranking on Google. For this we develop customized backlink acquisition strategies for each reality, to achieve business objectives and the best possible results.

When it comes to SEO consultancy, it is essential to talk about link building, the activity of acquiring links that point to your website. The link building service we offer consists precisely in obtaining backlinks from other authoritative portals and quality sites to your site, improving your organic positioning, and being able to reach the top positions.

Incoming links are, in fact, one of the most important factors in positioning, and, in some niches, they are still the first of these, which means that a well-developed link building service allows you to obtain an incredible improvement in your positioning.

The acquisition of links is divided into two different types: building and earning. Link earning means obtaining links spontaneously, or creating quality content, whether these articles, infographics, or other, which are linked from other sites and blogs without any intervention. This, however, is not possible in all areas and is very difficult to obtain in a new and unknown site.

This is why link building activities are fundamental, in order to create a quality link profile through which an authoritative website with great positioning capabilities is created.


Why links are important

The backlinks are the veins of the search engines and represent considerable importance on the SEO side because they determine one of the most important characteristics that a site must possess or its authoritativeness. If a site manages to obtain a large amount of (valuable) links, it means that this is worthy of receiving them and offers quality content and services, appreciated by the many other sites that have linked to it.

This allows Google to understand if the site is worthy of positioning itself in the top positions or not. A site with excellent link popularity, a quality link profile, themed with its sector and clean, is a website that will certainly be appreciated by Google, which will reward it by placing it in the best positions.

How we carry out the link building service

Links are a precious resource that if used correctly can lead to enormous benefits, but it can also be a double-edged sword if used unconsciously. For this reason, we develop a precise link acquisition strategy based on the analysis of current backlinks, competitors, and the sector, so as not to run into penalties and develop the smartest and most profitable campaigns.

These are the steps we follow in managing a link building campaign:

1. Development of the link building strategy
In all Web Marketing activities, the development of strategies is fundamental, and this is even more valid in SEO consultancy, where a great phase of analysis, study, and design is required to move on to real activities. For this, we reserve, on average, a week to study the competitors, analyze and, if necessary, clean the customer’s link profile, and then move on to the strategy structuring phase.

2. Collection of profiled sites and their analysis
We personally consider the strategy the most important phase of all, but the analysis of the sites from which to obtain the links is equally important. This is because the analysis of the sites allows to identify which are the most authoritative sources, with clean link profiles, thematic links, and other parameters that determine the goodness of a link.

3. Link insertion and content creation
The acquisition of backlinks will be carried out consciously, always trying to maintain a clean link profile, which respects the right proportions between branded and manipulative links. For this reason, the service can take several months to be carried out correctly, and, hypothetically, it may never stop.

A link can be inserted anywhere but what we offer is a completely different service, in which particularly long and thematic textual content is created, which exploits all link building techniques to obtain the maximum benefit (co-occurrences, text written in SEO perspective on important keywords) or infographics of great value.

4. Analysis, monitoring, and reporting
In SEO, analyzes and controls are a fundamental phase, because they allow you to study the improvements and understand what works and what does not. For example, when building a link profile, you could run the risk of running into a site that penalizes you, but thanks to the monitoring phase, you will be immediately ready to resolve the situation.

To conclude there will be the reporting phase or the creation of reports on a monthly basis that identifies the improvements, the KPIs achieved, the backlinks obtained, and so on.


The characteristics of our Link Building service

What we offer is a purely White Hat SEO service, which is safe and lawful link building campaigns: no tricks, no risky activities. All links will come from quality sites, with clean profiles, real traffic, and high parameters (Majestic, Dmoz, SEOZoom).

  • No article marketing activities: there will be no low-quality links with poor content;
  • Authoritative sources: only sites with high Page and Domain Authorities, high Citations and Trust Flows, high Zoom Authority;
  • Quality articles: the contents will be written by a professional copywriter expert in SEO Copywriting;
  • Different sources, with different IPs: to guarantee a heterogeneity of the linking sites;
  • Not only links: in Link Building campaigns it is necessary to implement not only links but also quotes and mentions to increase your brand awareness;
  • Monthly Reports: every month you will receive reports that highlight the strategies applied, the number of backlinks acquired, the increase in organic traffic and positioning, the distribution of anchor text, etc.


Together with us, we will develop an effective link building strategy based on your budget, so as to get the most out of it.